2018 Scholarship Receipients

2018 Gerald Lankes and Rodney Davies Memorial Scholarship Winners

Parker Nerby 2018 Recipients with 2018 President Kelly Cloud
Parker Nerby

Texas State University

Jeremiah Crespo

Texas State University

Yorguo El Hachem

University of Texas Austin

Nicholas Stalder

University of Texas Austin

2018 President Kelly Cloud Family of Gerald Lankes

2017 Scholarship Receipients

Pictured above are the 2017 Scholarship Receipients being presented with their $2000 checks by Amanda Angelo. Not pictured is Mason Davis from Texas State University who was unable to attend the meeting.
Scholarships are given in the Honorable Memory of Bob Flugee, Rodney Davies, and Gerald Lankes.

ACI Central Texas Chapter 2016 Scholarship Reciepients

2016 Scholarship Reciepients. Pictured Above Left to Right: Leo Saenz - Central Texas Chapter President; Gwen Carris - University of Texas at Austin; Cole Pilgrim - Texas State University; Abi Kugel - University of Texas at Austin.
Each student recieved a scholarship check for $2,000.00

Sabrina Belloso Saluzzo - UT Austin

Bruno Fong-Martinez - UT Austin

Brent Van't Land - Texas State University